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The notes on this page can help you best work with Tall Paul's Tall Mall. Also be sure to read over our Terms and Conditions linked at the bottom of any page for important information about our service commitment to you.

Have more questions or a special need? Feel free to email, text, or call at any time!

  • At Tall Paul‘s we take pride in our individual and personal service.
  • ANYTIME - Please reach out to our service team by email to or text / call 866-350-7886. (Note, by texting us, you agree to receive texts in response).
  • If you contact us in the morning, look for a reply that afternoon or evening.
  • If you contact us after lunch, look for a reply overnight or the next business morning.
  • We often work weekends and holidays; our response time then is more variable.
  • Please let us know the best way to reach you, especially time of day if a phone call is desired- we'll do our best to avoid phone tag!

  • On Hold - We have received your order and are personally reviewing it, we have not yet charged your credit card (or sent you a PayPal invoice) or begun manufacturing it; we may need to reach out to you to verify information or shipping details as we personally review your order.
  • In Progress - We have successfully charged you for your order and sent your order to be manufactured; once manufacturing has actually begun it is not possible to change or cancel your order per our Terms and Conditions.
  • Needs Attention - We have paused your order because we need you to answer a question or resolve an issue such as confirming your specifications, gathering more information due to a special situation, gaining your approval for additional charges (often shipping), or another reason; we will never charge you more than you saw at checkout until we have your approval.
  • Done - Your order has been shipped to you and shipment tracking information (if available) is now recorded for viewing in your User Account.
  • Cancelled - We have cancelled this order after contacting you about an issue.
  • Returned - If we made a mistake in manufacturing your order, we will work with you to make it right; if a return is appropriate, we will set the order to this status once the return is complete.
  • IMPORTANT: Our service team sets these statuses as they work with your order; if you suspect we have set a status in error, please reach out to us using one of the methods above and we'll make it right!

  • Click "Login" at the top of any screen to login to your user account.
  • Note: Once you are logged in, it will say "Account" instead of "Login".
  • The email address used for a prior order is your login.
  • If you've never ordered before, just place your first order, then follow the next step to set your password to setup your account with Tall Paul’s.
  • If you've never set your password, chose the "Forgot your Password?" link on the Login page, enter the email you used for a prior order. We email you a link. Go to your email and click this link to set your login password. Be sure to pick a password you can remember or you'll need to set it again.
  • Once in your account you can look at ORDERS (especially recent orders to check on shipping status or get tracking numbers), use ADDRESS BOOK to update your default shipping or billing address for future orders, EDIT YOUR PROFILE to change how your name is spelled or edit an optional company name, LOG-OUT, or CHANGE PASSWORD.
  • If you have more than one email with us and want to consolidate all your prior orders into a single account, contact us and our support team will take care of it - be sure to list all the emails you've used and indicate which one you want left once merged together.
  • IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to login to your account to browse the store or place an order. However to see your history orders, you must set your password and login. This is for your protection to keep your purchases private.

  • When you are in your Cart (click the "Cart" button in the upper right corner of any screen to see your Cart), you can choose to checkout by clicking the Checkout button.
  • Checkout happens in three easy steps: (1) Entering your INFORMATION which must include your email address, shipping address, and contact phone number; (2) Entering special SHIPPING instructions for Tall Paul's to review before processing your order; and (3) Entering your PAYMENT information.
  • After the prior three steps, a final CONFIRMATION screen shows where you review everything before submitting your order.
  • The entire checkout process is easier if you log into your account first, however you don't need to.
  • If you use an email we have on file but DON'T login to your account, your order is automatically added to that email's account - you can login using that email later to review order status.
  • All of our payment processing is done securely using a PayPal Merchant Services account.
  • If you choose to have PayPal send you a payment invoice, you will receive an email from PayPal with a link to their payment process. You can use your PayPal account to pay there - IMPORTANT your order will be on hold until you pay this invoice.
  • If you choose to directly pay with your credit card, your card number is securely encrypted and our customer service personnel can only see the last four digits. Our service personnel may enter a new number if you choose to give us one over the phone, but even then they can only see the last four digits once it's entered. We take Credit Card safety and security very seriously at Tall Paul's Tall Mall and do all we can to safeguard your personal credit card information. PLEASE NEVER EMAIL OR TEXT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER TO US. If necessary to give us new information, always do it over the phone for the protection of your financial information.
  • IMPORTANT: As mentioned on our Terms and Conditions Page, and on many pages of our website, our service personnel review EVERY ORDER submitted to help make sure everything is just right. If we see an issue, we will contact you for your permission and approval before changing anything or charging your credit card and beginning to make your custom product. Nearly everything we sell is built custom to order for tall people. We take pride in carrying on the service tradition of our founder, Paul Hartmann, with personal service by a knowledgable service agent for every order placed.



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