XL Dorm Mattresses up to 96" long

Item #: B1214
Our extra long dorm mattresses are available in all of the extra long lengths: 80" - 84" - 90" - 96".

These mattresses come with an industry leading 6-year non-prorated warranty.

Features include:
  • Convoluted pressure reduction foam
  • Insulator pad
  • Ultra-firm foam edging
  • Low-profile inner spring
  • Fire barrier - meets all State and Federal flamability codes
  • Washable nylon performance fabric cover
  • One side is plush and the other side firm to accommodate individual preferences.

  • These extra long dorm mattresses are available in 36" (dorm) and 38" (twin) widths. and lengths of 75", 80", 84", 90", and 96". These mattresses are 7.5" thick. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

    Custom sizing is available for tall people beds – call or email us.

  • Phone/text - 866-350-7886
  • Email - service@tallpaulstallmall.com

  • Our extra long dorm mattresses are Made in the USA.

    Please keep in mind these are indeed dorm-style mattresses. That said, our customers often appreciate having a more durable and cleanable extra long mattress that sleeps comfortably.

    Our production house manufactures a very large number of dorm mattresses each year for colleges and universities. Their manufacturing process enables them to also make them in extra long sizes for Tall Paul's. In fact, because our production house does not sell direct to consumers, they occasionally send us former college students who wanted to purchase a mattress after graduation!

    Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We make every effort to keep our shipping costs affordable. All mattresses are rolled using a special packaging machine at the production house. When you receive and open them, they will fully expand and be ready to use in 1-2 days. Like all our mattress products, they are custom built to order and not returnable.

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    36"x75" DORM Mattress $266.57
    36"x80" DORM Mattress $266.57
    36"x84" DORM Mattress $278.23
    36"x90" DORM Mattress $283.23
    36"x96" DORM Mattress $299.90
    38"x75" DORM Mattress $299.90
    38"x80" DORM Mattress $299.90
    38"x84" DORM Mattress $311.57
    38"x90" DORM Mattress $318.23
    38"x96" DORM Mattress $334.90

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