The Store for Very Tall People

Welcome to Tall Paul’s Tall Mall! Our web mall is full of products especially curated for taller than average people. Since 1999, we have been focused on housewares like beds, bed linen and furniture that will make life more comfortable for our customers. We also carry products that some of our average height friends find useful.

Our beds and bed linens can be customized to fit your needs. Please call or email us if you do not see exactly what you are looking for in our web mall. We handle special orders all the time!

Tall Paul’s sells more than beds and sheets. We have a line of beautiful canvas and wood director chairs in three different heights to fit you and your average height friends. If you love to cook we have a butcher block cutting board that has legs to make it higher and more comfortable for a taller person to work with.

And please check out our clearance items - you may find just the thing you are looking for at a good price.

Spruce Up for Spring!

Freshen up your bed this season with new linens or even a new mattress!! Our extra-long Beds and Linens are custom Made in the USA.

Featured Special Products

Have a child who's too tall for their bed? Our Tall Paul's exclusive Extend-a-Bed (TM) is an affordable solution. Like cooking? Our high-quality TALL butcher block is for you. Need a comfortable yet more durable mattress for a special use? Our dorm mattresses come in both dorm (36") and twin (38") widths.


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