Extend-a-Bed to 90" long (Tall Paul's Exclusive!)

Mattress Extender /Bed Extender For a Tall Person: Make your bed longer with Extend-a-Bed!

This bed extension is an economical solution to create an extra long bed with an exclusive Tall Paul product. This bed extension for a tall person works on any bed that does not have a footboard. This product includes the wooden mattress extension support and a zippered mattress enclosure that is 90" long. If you need it, the foam for mattress extensions can also be purchased below.

The Extend-a-Bed is easy to install:

  • open the platform on a flat surface
  • attach the legs with the bolts provided
  • slip the "tongue" of the extender between mattress and box spring
  • adjust the height of the legs so the extender is parallel to the floor
  • slide your existing mattress into the zippered mattress enclosure
  • zip in your foam at the end of your mattress
  • thats it - you have a 90" long bed!

Here is a link to a video showing how the Extend-a-Bed is installed: click here for video

"Paul helps make sure your order is what you need for your tall family member. We have ordered from this company twice and both times have been delighted with the service and attention to detail. Thank you, Paul, for helping tall folk sleep well!" Extend-a-Bed customer Jeannie from New Hampshire

Get extra long fitted sheets elsewhere on our website, perhaps a memory foam topper, and voila - you have an extra long bed! The Extend-a-Bed is portable so you can take it with you or store it under your bed and bring it out when you have a tall guest visiting. This is the perfect mattress extender solution for any tall person!

- Extra Long Dorm Sheets
- Extra Long Twin Sheets
- Extra Long Full Sheets
- Extra Long Queen Sheets
- Extra Long Olympic Queen Sheets
- Extra Long California King Sheets
- Extra Long Eastern King Sheets
- Extra Long Mattress Pads
- Extra Long Memory Foam Toppers

Our Extend-a-Beds are designed to be attached to the following size standard beds:

TWIN 38" or 39" wide x 75" long + 15" Extend-a-Bed = 90" long TWIN!

FULL 53" or 54" wide x 75" long + 15" Extend-a-Bed = 90" long FULL!

QUEEN 60" wide x 80" long + 10" Extend-a-Bed = 90" long QUEEN!

EASTERN KING 76" or 78" wide x 80" long + 10" Extend-a-Bed = 90" long KING!

STEP 1: Select the size for your Extend-a-Bed

Your bed size: SELECT Price
TWIN Extend-a-Bed $235.95
FULL Extend-a-Bed $265.95
QUEEN Extend-a-Bed $289.95
EASTERN KING Extend-a-Bed $309.95

STEP 2: Select Measurements and add Foam

Click here to learn more about measuring your mattress. The "Box Spring Height" is the measurement between the top of your box spring and the floor.

Extra SELECT Price
Mattress Thickness
Select One
Box Spring Height (from floor to top of box spring)
Select One
Foam insert
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YOUR TOTAL: Select Your Options


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