Extra Long Mattress Pads

Tall Paul's extra long mattress pads are custom made to fit your mattress. We can accommodate any mattress thickness or length. Looking for a Adjustable SPLIT BACK mattress pad, an extra long DORM mattress pad, or a CALIFORNIA KING adjustable bed mattress pad? We make them all. Our mattress pads fit snugly on your bed and won't bunch up during the night.

All of our Premium and Standard mattress pads are quilted with machine stitching. All of our pads are fitted on all four sides and have a continuous elastic hem around the entire perimeter.

Our mattress pads are hand tailored specifically for your mattress. Can’t find your specific size here? Contact us, give us your mattress dimensions and we can provide all of our bed linen in custom sizes that will exactly fit your bed – no matter what size it is! We do special orders all the time! Let's talk.

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  • Email - service@tallpaulstallmall.com

  • Please begin by selecting the width of your bed and learn more about our additional features during the order process.

    We have three Mattress Pad styles to choose from:

    Premium Mattress Pad - 100% Cotton T-250 Quilted (both sides), 10 oz. (per lineal yard) bonded polyester fill, machine quilted, machine washable.

    Standard Mattress Pad - 100% polyester brushed facing (both sides), 10 oz. (per lineal yard) bonded polyester fill, machine quilted, machine washable.

    Water and Dust Mite Proof Pad - An ultra-thin moisture barrier. Top is made of 80% Cotton, 20% polyester terrycloth; the bottom is a micro-thin polyurethane laminate. Other benefits include: dust mite barrier, waterproof protection, washable under high temperature for sterilization, air permeable, noise and odor free. Five Year Warranty.
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