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New Owners – Same Commitment to Personal Service!

When Paul Hartmann launched Tall Paul’s Tall Mall in 1999, he’s worked hard to earn your trust. After nearly 22 years, it came time for Paul to retire and current customers Pam and Randy Kirk took the helm of Tall Paul’s in April 2021 with new resources to continue and build on Paul’s legacy. Rest assured - Paul carefully trained and guided us as we settled in to fully preserve in us his personal service legacy.

While Tall Paul’s Tall Mall may have new owners, its purpose remains the same. Paul started this store to provide items for taller people to make their lives better, especially quality linens to owners of non-standard bed sizes and types. As past and current customers of Tall Paul’s, we commit to continue and build on that legacy, delivering personalized customer care for tall people you’ve come to appreciate from Paul. Since becoming owners, we've slept on every type of sheet fabric we sell, including washing it multiple times. We've visited and got to know the good folks who run our sewing shop and mattress production facilities so we can best assure that your custom order best serve your unique needs.

So please, explore the website! We've made a few updates including user accounts, offering PayPal as an option for payment during checkout, some new products (check out our innerspring mattress/bed program), and the ability to text with us using our toll free number 866-350-7886. Please click on the "Questions?" link at the top of any page for full details about our website and personal service process. Please click on Terms and Conditions at the bottom of any page for our commitments to you as a service business for mostly custom build products.

The options on the website meet the most common needs of our customers, however many items can be further customized to different dimensions or additional options. Paul trained us well and we work every day to meet the specialized needs our customers. If you have a special need or any questions about a prior order, just call or text to our toll free number 866-350-7886 or send an email to service@tallpaulstallmall.com.

We look forward to serving you!!

- Pam and Randy Kirk

A message about our dear founder Paul Hartmann

Tall Paul’s Tall Mall was founded by Paul Hartmann in 1999, born from his own search for home products for taller persons like himself. He designed, adapted, selected, tried, and often regularly used every item in the store he created! Paul sold Tall Paul's Tall Mall to the Kirks in 2021 so he could retire and spend time with his family and pursue his many interests.

In February 2022 Paul Hartmann passed away. His family wrote a lovely ode to him in his obituary which you can find at this link.

We will miss his guiding hand at Tall Paul’s. Our commitment to you, our customers and to his memory, is to continue finding useful products for taller persons and to follow through every time with customer service Paul would be proud of.


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