Split Top Adjustable QUEEN Bed Sheets

Tall Paul's Split Head adjustable bed sheets have a Continuous elastic hem - elastic sewn into a hem around the entire perimeter of all fitted bottom sheets. Personalized service.

Additional available features:

Anchor-tite corners - a heavy duty 2” x 12” strip of elastic sewn diagonally across the bottom of every corner of each fitted bottom sheet.

Wings - Extra fabric on the side hem of a fitted bottom sheet to tuck in so the sheets do not pull out on the sides when the head or foot is elevated.

Top sheet fitted at the foot – The top sheet is “boxed” at the foot as in a fitted sheet, thus it cannot be accidentally tugged off. This feature also makes it easier to make the bed.

“This merchant is very professional and honest. I've been very satisfied with all of my purchases.”

- Elizabeth from Norfolk, Virginia on her split queen sheets

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