Fit Matters.

Tall people know a shirt that fits – one that is long enough in the body and sleeves – is comfortable. A great shirt fits, no matter your size.

Fit Matters with bed linens, too! When linens are made for your bed, they stay securely on bed. That’s comfortable!

At Tall Paul’s when you order, we ask for your mattress’ measurements. The people in our sewing shop make the linens just for you! (They are Made in the USA, too.) We have several fabrics in different price ranges for you to choose. You CAN afford the comfort of custom-made bed linens.

Fit Matters in other household goods as well. Check out our line of beds, mattresses, bed extensions, and a variety of other products by clicking through the menus at the top of this page.

🍂 Warming Up for Fall! 🍂

Dress your bed for fall with snuggly soft flannel sheets or thick and luxurious 500 Thread count sheets. Add a premium mattress pad and a beautiful new comforter for even more warmth! Our bed linens are all 🇺🇸 Made in the USA 🇺🇸 to your specifications when you order.

🛒 Your Source for Hard-to-Find Linens! 🛒

Extra-long? Extra-Extra-long? Confusing mattress terms, right? We ask you to measure and we custom make your bed linens to the inch! If you don’t see the size your mattress measures, call us at (866) 350-7886 and we will work with you to make sheets that really fit your bed!

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