Length 84 inches
Extra-Long Bed Sets with Innerspring Mattresses Made in the USA
Have you dreamed of sleeping on a bed long enough to stretch out full-length? Without having to lay sideways? Prepare for your dreams to come true!! Tall Paul's partnered with a well-known, national innerspring mattress company to offer custom lengths to 96 inches on all common mattress sizes. Best of all, you pay the same price and receive the same delivery service as in their retail stores! Contact us for more information about our mattress program. Don't see what you are looking for? We do special orders all the time! Let's talk.
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  • Email - service@tallpaulstallmall.com
  • Let Tall Paul's decades of experience guide you to the extra-long innerspring mattress bed of your dreams!
    Follow our four-step process by clicking on options in the center of the screen for each step:
  • Step 1: Set Width
  • Step 2: Set Length
  • Step 3: Set Mattress Type / Firmness
  • Step 4: Set Purchase Options
  • 'Add to Cart' when complete!
  • Notes:
  • "White Glove Service" delivery is standard (details on mattress product page), less if drop service only or near one of our mattress factories
  • Tall Paul's always confirms mattress orders and delivery details with you via email or phone prior to charging your credit card or building your long mattress
  • This confirmation includes all manufacturer information plus additional delivery and removal options available based on your location
  • Design your own Custom Innerspring Mattress

    King Size - 76 x 84 inches

    Step 3 of 4 - Please choose your Type / Firmness:

    Purchase Options: Purchase the mattress alone or with a matching single-piece or split box spring. Box springs are built to match your mattress and are 8 inches thick. Complete your bed with a 7 inch tall, heavy duty steel frame with added support legs for the extra length. Our frames have front brackets to optionally attach your own headboard. Or opt for no steel frame using just 7 inch tall support legs which attach directly to the box spring.

    Type / Firmness Choices:
  • Classic for a plush softer feel Note: Available in Twin, Full, and Queen size widths
  • Regency for medium firmness in a premium mattress
  • Luxury for firm in an ultra-premium mattress
  • Orthopedic for extra firmness in an ultra-premium mattress

  • Manufacturer Warranty:
  • 1/10 year (prorated) for Classic
  • 10 year for Regency
  • 12 year for Luxury or Orthopedic Extra Firm

  • Comfort Features:
  • Multi-layer design features foams over an innerspring core
  • 2-sided 'flippable' allows you to sleep on both sides extending mattress life

  • Construction: Mattresses built using high-quality woven fabrics, high density foams, and natural cotton upholstery to create layers of comfort and fine-tuned firmness. At the core is an innerspring support system with heavy gauge coils and tempered wire. We use five and six-turn coil designs which are laced together to provide cradling performance and support for your entire body. Larger sizes feature a hinge system in the boarder wire to prevent damage while moving around tight corners. These mattresses are best complemented by real working box springs, which act as shock absorber to help the mattress last longer.


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