Extra Long Day Bed

Item #: B2203
Tall Paul's Extra Long Day Bed is a versatile piece of furniture - a long bed that also doubles as a couch. You add the mattress, bed skirt, quilt and pillows (not included) to complete the ensemble. Linen is available in our Sheets section.

Our Extra Long Day Bed comes in lengths of 80" or 90" and widths of 36" or 39". With a 7" thick mattress the height is adjustable from 13" to 33" making the frame great for beneath the bed storage.

The ash bed ends and pine slats are made in Vermont; the steel springs and rails are made in Georgia.

The regular price for the Extra Long Day Bed includes the wooden ends, the steel side rails and the wood slats as pictured. It can all be shipped by UPS or DHL and our standard 10% shipping charge applies to the bed as noted.

The Day Bed is also available with a steel springs and rails unit as pictured. These one piece steel units must be shipped by common carrier and the common carrier shipping is not included in these prices. Usually, this option is not economical until you are purchasing 6 or more beds.

We make every effort to keep our shipping costs affordable. However, additional shipping charges may be required, depending on the quantity of items purchased and the city/state where you live. We will get approval from you on any additional shipping charges before we fulfill your order.

The wooden bed ends are Made in Vermont from Northeastern U.S. ash. The steel rails and springs are Made in the U.S.A.

STEP 1: Select Day Bed Frame

Unfortunately,because of a problem with one of our suppliers, our 84" and 90" frames are temporarily unavailable.

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Extra Long Day Bed for 36" x 80" Mattress $532.95
Extra Long Day Bed for 38" x 80" Mattress $553.95
Extra Long Day Bed for 36" x 90" Mattress $569.95
Extra Long Day Bed for 38" x 90" Mattress $591.95

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