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Classic - Plush
Queen: 60 x 96 x 10.5 inches

  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
  • Classic - Plush
Our Classic Plush model features adult-level support and durability at an affordable price. It is built with a Bonnell innerspring system and has a two-sided design. Compressed cotton padding and approximately 2.25 inches of foam per side create a soft feel. The matching, real-working box spring is 8 inches high and acts as a shock absorber to help extend the life of the mattress.

Note: Full and queen size split box springs are available. All king sets only come with a two-piece split box spring.

A split box spring can make it easier (or even possible) to navigate stairwells and hallway corners. Consider the heavy steel frame with extra support legs for the best option to support your new mattress set and allow attaching your own headboard (headboard not included). Or, opt for the support legs only for a cleaner look.

Return Policy. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to the fact that we only sell brand new products. Once a product has been out of our control, we consider it to be a used item and will not take it back or sell it to any other customer. This is both for our protection as well as that of our customers.

We do, however, have a one year Comfort Policy. According to this policy, you may re-select another mattress one time only within the first year of purchase. Your existing mattress can be donated with proof of donation or it will have to be thrown away. As far as the new mattress is concerned, you are responsible for the following: 25% of the less expensive mattress only price, any applicable re-delivery or shipping fees and any applicable retail up-charges (if you re-select a more expensive mattress). In other words, this policy allows you to get a brand new mattress for only 25% of the cost and we cover the other 75%.

Manufacturer Warranty: Comfort issues aside, we also have a warranty on all of our products. If you purchase a product and there are any defects, errors in workmanship, body impressions over an inch and a half, etc. these issues are covered under our warranty and we will take care of them for you.

Warranty for this Classic - Plush mattress is 1/10 years. This means the first year is full No-Charge Repair or Replacement, 9 additional years where you pay 1/10 of current regular retail price times the number of years of use.

Important - Limited Warranty To avoid structural damage and voiding of your warranty, adequate center supports must be used in your bed frame or with bed rails with full, queen, and king-size mattress sets. In the normal course of sleeping on your mattress, body impressions will appear. This is not a structural defect covered by this warranty. It is simply an indication that the upholstery layers are settling and compacting as you use your new mattress. Periodically rotating one-sided mattresses or flipping and rotating two-sided mattresses can minimize the amount of impressions that you see.

Confirmation Before Order is Finalized

Tall Paul's will contact you to confirm your order, ask any added questions, and finalize any adjustments or further options in our White Glove Service delivery which includes removal options for your old mattress and box spring. We take special care to ensure everything is in order before charging your credit card and beginning to build your custom product. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details about our service. Thank you!
Please Choose a Purchase Option - White Glove Delivery Charge shown once added to Cart, please indicate "Drop service only" in notes when checking out to save $50 shipping. (We will contact you to confirm final delivery method and charges before proceeding). Price
Mattress Only $879.00
Mattress and Box Spring Set Only $1,243.00
Mattress and Split Box Spring Set Only $1,293.00
Mattress, Box Spring, and Frame with Extra Legs $1,423.00
Mattress, Split Box Spring, and Frame with Extra Legs $1,473.00
Mattress, Box Spring with Legs Only (no Frame) $1,543.00
Mattress, Split Box Spring with Legs Only (no Frame) $1,593.00


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