Shower Head Extension Arms

Item #: D5002
Raise Your Shower Head!

Tall Paul's Shower Head Extension Arms add another 8"-10" of height to your shower head so you no longer have to duck to wash your hair in the shower! The shower extension arm easily swings down for the average sized people in your life, too!

These shower head extension arms are easy to install. Remove your existing shower head, and shower arm, install the extension arm, and reinstall your shower head. Teflon tape to seal the joints is included with each order. This is very easy and straightforward to do, even if you have no previous plumbing experience. These shower arms are in stock and will ship by Priority Mail within one week of receiving your order.

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Deluxe Extension Arm
You provide your own shower head for our Deluxe Shower Head Extension Arm. The adjustment knobs are easy to use and the overall quality construction will make it last for a very, very long time. available in 11" and 15" arms in polished chrome. (11" arm currently out of stock) Deluxe Extension Arm and Shower Head
This item combines the 11" Deluxe Shower Arm Extentsion with a Deluxe Shower Head that is a wonderful showering experience. A flow restrictor is included to save on water use. Available in polished chrome or natural brass. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for residential use; 5 years for all other uses.

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Deluxe Extension Arm 15" - Polished Chrome $42.95
Deluxe Extension Arm and Shower Head - Polished Chrome $49.95

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