Tall Paul's Tall Mall: Bridal Satin sheets
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Bridal Satin sheets

Traditionally, satin comes in two varieties. Most satin that you'll encounter in the bedding industry is made from polyester, and is a low grade fabric. We do not offer polyester satin, but rather the higher quality Acetate satin.

Specifically, our satin is "Bridal" satin, which is the grade used in making bridal gowns. It is composed of a nylon acetate, and is a heavier, thicker, more luxurious satin than the polyester. The yarn used to make Bridal Satin is a 300-denier Acetate yarn, woven at 288 threads per square inch.

It has two definite sides to it. The correct or "top" side is frictionless and bears a strong luster. The reverse side is somewhat dull, and bears the grain of the fabric.

Bridal satin is only available to us in 45" wide bolts, and thus, all sheets made of Bridal Satin must have a center seam. This center seam is reinforced, and generally does not cause a problem.

Many of the colors of Bridal Satin that we offer have been dyed exclusively for the use of our tailors, and are therefore unique in the industry.

Washing Instructions: cold water wash, line dry, or cool dryer setting. Darker colors should be washed separately. Adding 1 cup white vinegar to wash will help eliminate dye bleeding. Do not let the fabric come into contact with undiluted detergent, fabric softener, or other chemicals. Always pour detergent or fabric softener into water, not on fabric.

Rough surfaces can abrade your satin sheets and cause them to wear more quickly.

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