Tall Paul's Tall Mall: Flannel 100% Cotton sheets
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Flannel 100% Cotton sheets

Cotton Flannels are one of the few fabrics that we offer that are not domestically made. The European flannel is far superior to the fabric that is available domestically, so we import all of our cotton flannels from Portugal, in the fall. All of our flannel fabrics are made from 100% Cotton, and have a weight of 4.3 ounces per square yard.

Care should be taken in laundering these, especially the first time. You can expect about 2% shrinkage if laundered properly, and more if hot water or a hot drier setting is used. We build 2% shrinkage into the sheets, so after the first laundering, they should fit perfectly.

Washing Instructions: cold water wash, line or tumble dry. Darker colors should be washed separately. Adding 1 cup white vinegar to wash will help eliminate dye bleeding. To minimize pilling, remove from dryer immediately after cycle ends, and avoid using fabric softener. All flannel will shrink the first time it is washed. Before laundering, your sheets should seem slightly too large.

Flannel sheets come from wide fabric stock, meaning that seams and add-ons are only necessary in the very deepest and largest of beds.

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