Tall Paul's Tall Mall: 310 thread count - Bamboo Fabric
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310 thread count - Bamboo Fabric

Benefits of Bamboo: Earth Friendly - The fabric is woven from a very renewable resource and is fully bio-degradable. Cooler than Cotton - The fibers in Bamboo wick away moisture up to nine times faster than cotton, making this the perfect fabric for people who experience hot flashes or who tend to perspire in their sleep. Naturally Anti-microbial - Bamboo fibers kill bacteria, fungus, and microbes, which in turn keeps them virtually odor free between washing. Silky soft texture - Similar to rayon or silk in feel, bamboo has been compared to the highest thread count cotton textiles. 100% cotton percales should be washed in cold water, and line or tumble dried. They do tend to wrinkle, and can be expected to shrink 1-2% the first time they are washed. This shrinkage is taken into account when the sheets are manufactured. For this reason, they may fit loosely before laundering, and provide a snug fit afterwards.

Sateen Information

Often, you'll see fabrics with a "sateen weave," which gives one side of the fabric a different satin-like texture and luster. This is achieved through a special elaborate process at the mill, where the fabric is woven. First, the fabric is woven in such a way that the threads are twisted on the front side of the fabric. Then, the fabric is "calendered" or passed under a steam-roller-like apparatus that applies 2000 lbs of pressure per square inch. Technically, the weave of a sateen is different enough to pull it out of the percale category altogether, and set it apart as its own fabric type.

Percale: In-depth information

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